Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Billeting Q & A

The Melfort Mustangs are still in need for a few billet homes for the 2021/2022 hockey season. We understand that some people might be on the fence about the experience and are unsure of a few things. To help, we’ve put together a Q and A to help understand what billeting for the Melfort Mustangs means.

Q: What is billeting and what does it entail?

A: You would become our players home away from home.  Our expectation is to provide a room for the player as well as meals or provide the means to make their own meals.

Q: Why should I billet?

A: Billet families vary from young to older couples, families, retirees.  There is no specific mould for the perfect billet family.  Some people like to support local organizations.  Some of our retirees like the company.  Families enjoy the new relationships their kids form with the athletes.  Everyone who billets does it for their own reasons.

Q: Do I have enough time?

A: Billeting is not something that should require much extra time or effort.  Our players are mostly young independent individuals who have been away from home before.  These athletes should be able to independently make meals and do their own laundry, as well as clean up after themselves.  Players should also help around the house like any normal expectations of a teenager living in your home.

Q: Do I have enough room in my home?

A: The expectation from the organization is for a billet family to provide the athlete with their own room

Q: What if I have other kids in my home?

A: Great! Kids of all ages love the billeting experience.  The relationships formed through billeting do not just last for the season, but forever.

Q: What do I get as a billet?

A: You are subsidized for opening your home, and receive a guaranteed seat for all regular season and playoff home games.

Q: What if I don’t enjoy the experience?

A: You are under no obligation to continue should billeting not be right for you.

Q: What if I am away for an extended period of time?

A: Not a worry, we will find accommodation for your athlete while you are away.

Anyone interested in billeting for the 21/22 hockey season can contact Lydia (306) 921-5669 or Tara (306) 921-9423 for more information.