Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Mustang “Pick your Trip Lottery” is back

The Melfort Mustangs annual “Pick your Trip Lottery” is back for its second year! The Mustang players will be out tomorrow night selling tickets door to door!

The lottery, similar to last year will see the team draw 12- $1,500 travel vouchers through CAA in Prince Albert. Ticket sales are now available for the second year of draws which will begin in June 2019, and conclude in May of 2020. The team has an additional 50:50 draw add on, which could see a potential $5,000 jackpot for the winner! There’s also an early bird trip for 4 to the Saskatchewan Roughrider – Winnipeg Blue Bomber Labour Day Classic in 2019. That includes game tickets and bus fare through Charlie’s Charters.

The Mustang players will be out tomorrow night going door to door visiting roughly half of Melfort selling tickets. The boys will also be out on Monday to canvass more of the City! Tickets are also available now at the Mustang office in the Northern Lights Palace. They will also be made available through Mustang board members shortly. Just like last year trip tickets are $100 each and only 500 are available. 50:50 tickets are an additional $20 ticket.

The first year of draws has seen the team make 9 of 12 draws, with the last 3 coming in March 2019, April 2019 and May 2019. The 2nd year of draws begins on June 28th 2019.