Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Mustangs open Parent/Billet Weekend tonight!

The Melfort Mustangs return to the Northern Lights Palace this weekend as we open the annual Parent/Billet Weekend against the Humboldt Broncos and Yorkton Terriers. Every year the Mustangs reserve the first weekend in December for Parent/Billet Weekend. It’s a chance to welcome the families of our players to Melfort as well as thank the billets for all the hard work and dedication they show throughout the season. We know how much the billets mean to junior hockey teams and celebrating them one weekend of the season is the least we can do for such great people and families!

The Mustangs have a jammed packed weekend planned that includes two home games. The Mustangs will take on the Humboldt Broncos tonight, as well as the Yorkton Terriers tomorrow night. Both games start at 7:30pm.

Prior to each game this weekend the team will be introducing the players, as well as their families and billet families on the ice! We will do half the team tonight with the other half tomorrow! Following the game tonight the Mustangs will meet at the Curling Rink. Tonight is pretty light, as it’s a player meet and greet with player families and billet families! Drinks will be served!

Tomorrow it heats up! We head back to the curling rink in the afternoon. Drinks start at 2pm, the annual Calcutta shootout auction begins at 3pm. Last year the pot was huge and the team gave out over $2,000 in prize money! Following the shootout auction is a supper held at the Curling rink at 5pm. The game starts at 7:30pm vs Yorkton. Following the game and a quick flood the team is hosting their annual Calcutta shootout. Everyone is of course invited to stay and watch! Following the shootout we head back to the curling rink to wrap up the weekend and thank everyone for attending!

We’re looking forward to meeting the new Mustang families as well as two great games against Humboldt and Yorkton.

It’s also worth mentioning the team will be wearing their green third jerseys this weekend. We will be auctioning them off at each intermission. We have a total of 12 green jerseys that will be sold on the weekend! Here’s the auction schedule!

Friday Dec 6th 2019

1st Intermission

Adam Nobes, Ben Tkachuk, Marco Lopez,

2nd Intermission

Brady Clayton, Gabe Odowichuk, Isaac Alvarado

 Saturday Dec 7 2019 

1st Intermission

Ben Chase, Christian Albertson, Seth McCulloch,

2nd Intermission

Dylan Ashe, Colton Schell, Ryan MacLean

Reminder tonight’s game starts at 7:30pm with half the team introductions prior to puck drop! There will be no radio broadcasts this weekend but HockeyTV is available for those who cannot make it to the rink!

Photo Credit: Broad Leaf Media