Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

50/50 Winners



50/50 Rules of Play

Tickets will only be sold to people 18 years of age or older. Members, directors, family and volunteers of the Melfort Mustangs Jr A Hockey Association are allowed to purchase tickets for the Draw. These tickets can only be purchased from another seller of tickets in the same manner. The draws will be made at every Mustang home game at the Northern Lights Palace (see schedule at, at the 10 minute mark of the 3rd period. 104,000 tickets will be available for purchase with a prize value of $61,880.20. The winning number will be announced by the announcer over the public address during a stoppage in play. Tickets are purchased for 1/$5 3/$10 15/$20 and 50/$50 with the winner receiving 50% of the NET ticket sales(Gross jackpot less 6% Tap 50/50 fee), paid in cash. In the event the winner doesn’t claim the prize before the game is over the winning ticket number will be posted on the website for the duration of the season. The Winner has 90 days to claim his/her prize. Any unclaimed prize after the 90 days will be reported to SLGA and added to the first home game 50/50 draw pot. Should any questions or disputes arise call Mat Barrett from the Mustangs Organization 306-752-2799. The winning ticket will be drawn electronically by a random number generator. All winning individuals must produce their winning ticket and the number on the ticket must agree to the randomly generated number.

50/50 WINNERS 2023-24

September 22- MM3-014213

September 29- MM3-026185

September 30- MM3-032275

October 6- MM3-062350

October 7- MM3-070199

October 18- MM3-066224

October 21- MM3-074255

October 27- MM3-082500

November 1- MM3-090555

November 10- MM3-105415