Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Education Policy

Melfort players can complete or upgrade high school classes at Melfort and Unit Comprehensive Collegiate, while others can take first and second year post-secondary studies at Cumberland Regional College which is affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan. Our organization has a tremendous relationship with both schools, and we place a great emphasis on combining hockey and education with student players. U.S. College entrance exam’s (SAT’s) can be written during the season, and we can provide tutors to help prepare for the SAT’s and regular classes.
We encourage players to continue with their education while playing for the Mustangs, as the development of the whole person is a goal of ours.
To help promote and encourage continued education the Melfort Mustangs will cover the cost of courses while you play for us providing you have perfect attendance and a grade of 75% or higher.
We feel that discipline, commitment and determination are the foundations for success in hockey and life. We expect our players/students to apply themselves to their education the same way they apply themselves to hockey.