Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Season Ticket Update!

Our regular season is set to begin on Friday Nov 6th. With our current capacity for games capped at 150 fans we will be doing the following this season.
With 300 current season ticket holders we have created two groups of season ticket holders. Group “A” and Group “B” both already at the 150 person capacity.
The plan for the beginning of the season is to have season ticket holder groups alternate Mustang home games beginning with Group “A” on Nov 6th and Group “B” on Nov 14th. This is our only way to accommodate all 300 season ticket holders wanting to watch Mustang hockey this year.
We have attempted to reach every season ticket holder today and are now asking all season ticket holders who have already purchased and picked up tickets to return to the Northern Lights Palace this week between 9am – 3pm as new tickets will be printed. We will also be available in the evenings this week on a TBD basis.
If and when our capacity goes up, we will merge both season ticket groups, and everyone will then be welcomed back at ALL games.
Refunds for tickets will be happening at the end of the season, after we determine how many games are missed for each season ticket holder.
Tickets will still be NON-TRANSFERABLE. Seating changes will not be allowed as we have to allow for social distancing as well as the possibility of merging season ticket holders in the near future.
Any questions can be directed to or 306-752-2799.
Please share as we need this information to get out ASAP.
Thank you, hockey is back!